Year 7 Rhythm and Samba Revision

You can use the following tools to help your revision.

Practice adding up different note lengths with this fun game. Click on the time signatures to delete them so you are only left with 4/4 and the others are grey.

Adding Practice – On the new screen click Download. (Will not work on a Mac – you could practice making your own sums using musical notes).

Try listening to different rhythms and selecting which notes are used in the Listening Practice – you will need to click RUN. (For Macs please follow this link Listening Practice Mac)

On this link to a BBC website there is a video about Samba Instruments which may help you remember the look and sound of the different instruments.

Samba Instrument Listening

You should also use the Rhythm Test Revision Sheet to help you remember the different note lengths and rests. You can find a copy of it here:


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