House Music 2018

Who will win in the age old combat of musician against musician?!

Attend our House Music competition on Tuesday 27th March to see who will be victorious! Will it be Ashridge again, Brocket, Knebworth, Hatfield, Offley or Sopwell?!


Houses will compete in three events:

  1. The Choral Piece – a piece where houses can display their vocal and harmony prowess to the full (accompaniment/backing track allowed)
  2. The Instrumetal Piece – live instruments only – no voices!
  3. The Free Choice – play anything, any combination of instruments/voices but it better impress!

No student may participate in the performance of more than two events (which includes conducting).

Points will be awarded for each event with a winner announced for each. Other awards may also be awarded such as:

Best Newcomer

Best Vocal Performance

Best Instrumental Performance

Best Arrangement

Best Conductor

The winning House will be the house with the most points at the end of the evening.

All Houses must have confirmed their music choices by February 23rd at the latest.  No two houses may perform the same piece, therefore repertoire choice will be given on a first come first served basis.

May battle commence, and to the victor, the spoils!

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